Our Members

Denise Lagasse

Denise's 35 year passion and respect for seeds began when she first ordered black jet soya beans  from Salt Spring seeds as a way to grow deeply nutritious food for her family.  Her Half Moon Bay kitchen garden and orchard  reflects a commitment to slow, local food grown in full cycle gardens (seed to seed  and all year round food).  As an early childhood educator, she has helped to create edible garden scapes for children in a variety of centres.  Commitment to community has included  organizing Seedy Saturday exchange tables, sparking the first Sechelt Seed Library,  lending a hand in community gardens, and sharing seeds.  As a yogini and grandmother, Denise  aspires to give a voice to  seeds through drumming, art, and the sharing of seeds and stories.

''Seeds are designed to do their work in their own time and space, living out the magic and life force embedded in their genes, they dig deep for survival and reach for the light.  They give over and over again because that is their nature.  And every year their lessons are new and humbling.''   -  Denise Lagasse

Rhonda Jackman

Rhonda lives on a 5 acre property, happy to have the space to grow lots of  peppers, melons, tomatoes, corn, learned to garden as a kid in Texas and has adjusted to the climate here, helps Leonie with the seed library in Gibsons

Leonie Croy

Leonie lives in Langdale on a 1/3 acre. She has taught seed saving workshops for many years and runs the Gibsons Seed Sharing Library with Rhonda. Recently, she has been sharing seed saving knowledge with students, parents and teachers in the Langdale Elementary School food gardens.

Mariko Kiyooka

I live and garden on a 3 acre piece of land in Roberts Creek and have been gardening here for 35 years. I see seed saving as a gentle and pro active form of activism. I feel we need to regain control of our food and teach our children and grandchildren how to grow, harvest, save seeds, and cook.

Grace Lewis

Grace lives in ts’ukw’um (Davis Bay) on a 1/4 acre hillside that is facing southwest. - a seed collector and saver for many years and only recently joined this group. I’m interested in sustainable food gardens and am part of a Growing Green movement in the Davis Bay Elementary School. Fond of many aspects of growing, preparing, saving and sharing food.

Growing up with an Italian nanny, caregiver I smelled and ate Italian cooking and played in a wonderful garden that was full of all kinds of fresh produce and the cultivation of seeds! Long live dandelions!

Irene Bremer

My passion for gardening really took hold of me when I was living in Cardiff, Wales. I acquired an allotment and I loved it. Saving seeds happened many years later, first starting with letting plants go to seed and having volunteers. I always remember my first Seedy Saturday probably in the late 2000s at Roberts Creek Elementary getting volunteer Red Russian starts from Robin Wheeler. A few years later I got purple podded peas from Seedy Saturday and I saved them every few years ever since. I joined the collective in 2019. I restarted the Sechelt Seed Library in Spring of 2020.

Louisa Kang-Delange

experienced a steep learning curve in gardening since moving to a 5 acre property in Roberts Creek. With a supportive and resourceful husband who reused building materials, I am able to grow specialty vegetables year round. Along with raising chickens, pigs and now steers, we are using the readily available resource for more productive soil. There is great pleasure in sharing vegetables and seeds, especially those that are not easily available.

Laura Walker

Laura was a wwoofer at Maria Hunter's Dragonfly Farm in 2014, where she learned to save seeds & started working with Leonie with Transition Towns. Laura collaborated with the Seed Collective when she was the coordinator of One Straw Society's Street Side Garden and the One Tiny Farm, where they grew out squash seeds for the collective. She is a permaculture designer who is working with Eagle Way Landscaping. Learning about Seed Sovereignty through Vandana Shiva was what got Laura interested in gardening and she is excited to continue to learn more & share what she knows with community.

Vanessa Choo

Moved to Sechelt in 2013 and love the climate here.  Started volunteering at the Veggie garden in the Botanic Garden in 2014 and learned all about vegetable garden there; this year, I will be the coordinator for the Veggie Garden.  Half of the backyard in our West Sechelt home is allocated to vegetable gardening and we are looking to increase that.  I have a keen interest in seed saving and other sustainable gardening practices.

Maria Hunter

Maria Hunter has been operating Wilson Creek Blackberry Farm fo over 30 years. She has been seed saving for over 2 decades. 

One of Maria’s best memories of gardening goes back to childhood. She was in the garden with her dad and he handed her a pickling cuke. The fresh taste was so divine!

Watching seeds and their cycles is of particular interest to Maria.

Her advice to beginner gardeners is that seed saving is not that daunting. “It’s easy and fun!”

Maria sells seeds under the label “Dragonfly Seeds”. You can find her seed stand on Saturdays in Davis Bay at the farmer’s market and at annual Seedy Saturdays in Roberts Creek.

Renuka Clark

An inspiring member who is not presently actively involved, though she is still in spirit and we want to acknowledge her major contributions to the collective

Candance McLennan

I live in Roberts creek on a couple of acres. I've been a florist for many years and a hobby gardener. I love learning new ways to live with mother nature and how to preserve our future.