Seed Stories

Community members share stories about their connection to seed saving.

"The seeds that gardeners hold in their hands are living links in an unbroken chain reaching back into antiquity."
- Suzanne Ashworth, Seed to Seed

Stephanie's Story

Stephanie started gardening when she was a new mama at age 20. She felt so good growing food that was clean, fresh and real. The more she did it, the more she wanted to do. Read more..

Pat's Story

Pat and Ian Ridgeway lived on their property on Pratt road for more than 20 years. Gazing out over her fruit trees, vegetable beds, and glorious geraniums, Pat offers with deep sincerity that she feels so privileged to garden. Read more..

X'wu'pa'lich / Barb Higgins' Story

X'wu'pa'lich or Barb Higgins as many know her, is a respected elder of the Shishalh Nation. Her garden on band lands named "The Creator's Touch" is a gathering place.. Read more..

Jim's Story

Jim has been gardening for a long time, since he was a kid six years of age. He came by it naturally with both sides of his family being gardeners. Read more...

Tawha's Story

You may meet Tawha at the Farmers Market in Roberts's Creek selling lots of fresh greens, delicious flat breads made from fresh ground flour.. Read more..

Shirley's Story

Shirley Hall lives on a lot in Sechelt. In her yard she has 11 different heritage apple trees, plums, figs and berries. Read more...

Pat and Diane Walker's Story

Pat and Diane have been growing food on Christmas Road in Roberts Creek for 38 years. Pat started planting when he was a kid. Read more..

Maria's Story

Maria Hunter lives on acreage in Wilson Creek with her two daughters since 1991. She has been gardening and raising chickens for 18 years.
Read more..