Photo Gallery

Seedy Saturday 2024 at the Roberts Creek Hall

Rhonda and Mariko at Seedy Saturday

Leonie & her grand children

A beautiful scene of cleaning seeds by Denise

Sikkim cucumber grown by Grace

A gorgeous array of colourful tomatoes by Izora

Denise, Leonie, Rhonda & Maria at the Seedy Saturday event

Fun educational games at the Seedy Saturday!

The first SCSSC meeting

Denise growing seeds for the seed library at the Street Side Garden in Sechelt

Muswiya offering a prayer for the Street Side Garden in Sechelt

Laura saving hollyhock seeds from the Street Side Garden

A photo of Jim, who helped to coordinate the Squash Project

The Gibsons Seed Library

At the 2022 Seedy Saturday.
Photo credit: Caitlin Allenby.

Rhonda at the Seed Exchange. Making it work during Covid 2022. We are back in action!
Photo credit: Caitlin Allenby.

Information & resources at the Seed Collective Table.
Photo credit: Caitlin Allenby.

Laura at the seed exchange table.
Photo credit: Caitlin Allenby.

Renuka with cordiander seeds in a basket

Orca Beans

Annual arugula grown at the Family Place by DeniseĀ 

Black coat runner beans

Denise's August harvest

Calendula and lavender

Carrot flowers

Carrot flowers going into seed

Chive flowers

Lettuce going into seed

Tomato seeds fermented, cleaned and drying

Kale flowers going to seed

A seed winnower

Pea seed starts. Denise is teaching the children at the Sechelt elementary how to grow a garden.

Leonie teaching a seed saving workshop!